2016 NADCAP Changes

AC7114/1, AC7114/1 & AC7114/2 revision updates

The above named documents come into use as of 31st of January 2016

ATH NDT Ltd has carried out a full Gap Analysis on this document which is available to anyone whom would wish to receive a copy FOC.

There as multiple changes for example section 5.1.14 has now changed to read,

A current certification shall be suspended if an individual fails an examination for recertification, again please get in touch for the full Gap Analysis. 

AC7114/1 & AC7114/2 have had minor changes made to both documents which should not be of any concern to companies that are already approved to the previous issues of these NADCAP documents. 

Remember people keep up to date with ATH NDT Ltd any questions queries you may have, NADCAP or any other NDT issue get in touch with an organisation that likes to help out and doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg for it, often FOC.