AC7114/1 Non-destructive Testing Facility Penetrant Survey Revision I Discussion

AC7114 check list question 5.4.3 states:                                                                                                                      

Do the records provide evidence that near vision examinations meet one of the following?

Tumbling E in accordance with ISO 18490

20/25 Snellen at 16 inches (40.64 Cm), +/-  inch (2.54 Cm)

Jaeger 1 at not less than 12 inches (30.48 Cm)

With at least one eye natural or corrected


In the past during NADCAP Auditor Conferences NADCAP auditors have been that the supplier’s written practice shall define the exact test used for vision examinations.  

At the February NADCAP meeting in Madrid this requirement was discussed by the NDT Task Group and they agreed that the supplier’s written practice can define all the methods listed in NAS410/EN4179 so long as the record/certificate shows which test was used.

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