Penetrant Pooling


NADCAP audit checklist AC7114/1 section 6.7.6 requires that components are drained properly to prevent pooling.

Sounds easy this one, but depending on the NADCAP auditor NDT operators can easily be caught out.

Ensure that when you apply the penetrant you move the component so penetrant cannot gather in corners, keyways etc.

Learn to move the components to stop the chance of parts so called pooling, remember the NADCAP auditors have a different way of thinking than the general PT NDT inspector.

Even someone with years of PT experience can get caught out. It is so easy to concentrate on something else such as setting the timer for penetrant dwell time etc. 

Always remember during an audit situation if you think you have forgotten to do something whilst processing the components, stop what you are doing explain what you haven’t done to the NADCAP auditor and say you wish to reprocess the component(s), better to be safe than sorry.