Water Washable Penetrant Line/Oven-developer/Inspection booth


Water Washable Penetrant Line/Oven-developer/Inspection booth


Water Washable Penetrant and Oven and Developer Line manufactured in the UK by ATH NDT LTD


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Penetrant Tank
  • Wash Tank
  • All internal tank sizes 900mm L x 550mm W x 500mm D with the exception of Penetrant tank is 300mm Deep to reduce fill costs
  • Water Wash Gun
  • Air Gun
  • Incorporated Water Heater
  • Digital Water Temperature Sensor
  • Recessed Pressure Gauges
  • Air Circulating Oven Which Calibrates Within +/- 5 Celsius
  • Fan Powered Dust Storm Cabinet With Timed Interlock
  • Hard Wearing Powder Coated Finish In Any Ral Colour
  • Standard 13 Amp Plugs To Power All Units
  • Castor Wheels For Portability
  • Inspection booth with uv lights and inner plug sockets fitted
  • Full oven and developer units
  • These units are 100% manufactured in the UK and come complete with our 12 month warranty
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