Standard Range Penetrant Lines

Our standard range lines come with all the fantastic features you would expect from a high quality product, including high quality stainless steel, all British manufacturing, and high end components.

Standard sizes include 450 mm x 450 mm to our larger units at 500 mm x 900 mm these lines are designed to help you achieve maximum productivity from your product.

With features such as these its everything you could need in your new penetrant line:

  • Digital Temperature indicator
  • Pressure gauges for water and air
  • Castor wheels for maneuverability
  • Water and air guns
  • Easy adjust pressure regulators
  • Digital thermostatic controlled drying oven
  • Interlocking timed system for dust storm


With Water Washable Lines starting from £17,000 and Post Emulsifiable Lines from only £20,000 these lines are designed to suit almost any budget.