Carbon Footprint NDT Systems Emissions Profiling

Carbon Footprint NDT

Carbon footprint for everything in the world is a big issue now and rightly so this blog will look at how ATH NDT is looking to reduce the carbon emissions used on PFD lines / systems.

ATH NDT have just signed up to have their new electrostatic penetrant system assessed via an outside organisation to see how friendly it is to the environment compared to other PFD equipment.


We have decided to go the extra mile and include the following on our latest system as a minimum,

  • Extra insulation on the oven that ensures the oven takes less time to get to temperature.
  • Fans for extraction that can be adjusted from 1% – 100% usage why use one constant setting
  • Pumps used for the water back extraction can also be adjusted within a working range of 1% – 100%
  • We have made a design that can apply the penetrant / wash off and apply the developer in one booth instead of using and extra booth solely for application of the electrostatic developer.

Large multinational organisations in the UK are now making it mandatory that all the equipment they purchase is doing everything they possibly can to reduce carbon emissions.

ATH NDT can say they are doing everything in their power to help the present and future environment, in our August blog we will publish the results of the external emissions profiling.



A.T.Heaton Managing Director


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