Our General Data Policy describes how we collect and process your Personal Data.

From the date of the initial contract or agreement to use services – we will retain the clients data for a maximum of 12 months and then seek

permission from existing client’s to retain it for a further period of 12 months.

Using it only when necessary to communicate and discuss work we do together.

If a client cancels our services, we will retain data pertaining to their account.

We will retain payment and invoicing data for a maximum of 6 years for HMRC and Tax purposes.

We will also retain account / product data for a maximum of 12 months including but not limited to:

Job Cards

Correspondence pertaining to work both within and outside of our initial agreed remit

Relevant contact information

Other documents that may be applicable to the customer account

Account notes

Client written feedback

You have the rights to your own information. A copy of the initial data/information we collect about you can be provided free of charge at the start of a contract.

Subsequent requests of your data may induce a small administrative charge.

For further information on your ‘Right of Access’, please visit

As part of the new GDPR, when communicating between multiple parties:

Under no circumstances, will any of the data we collect be shared with any other party, internal or external.