ISO9712-2022 UPDATES AND REQUIREMENTS, Are you ready?

ATHNDT Are You Ready

We’ve all been waiting, we heard it was coming. And many of those affected will now know that its arrived, what are we talking about?

It’s called ISO9712-2022 the International standard for qualification and certification of NDT personnel affective for General engineering sectors and manufacturing.

There are several factors to address which may have impact on organisations from large to small and even the Independent contractor, but it all needs to begin with small steps.

From the top down and the bottom up, the Implementation of a plan and awareness is key at an early stage.


  • Firstly if your certification is reliant upon ISO9712 schemes or PCN, you may already be aware of certain changes from BINDT, Inform your employer QA-department to the new changes.
  • QA-managers who employ NDT personnel are expected to conduct a risk based assessment or GAP-Analysis from 2012 to 2022 requirements.
  • QA-managers and companies who have contractual obligations by design or legal binding requirements are expected to conduct a risk based assessment of needs, and how do 2022 requirements affect their operations.
  • Assessments and analysis would be expected to adopt Plan-Do-check-Act methodologies consistent and ISO9001 certification.


Advisory points:

The new 2022 standard Introduces the need for companies to adopt a Company written practice procedure outlining the requirements for how to certify personnel and the scope of certification needed for your company.

Even though your company has a design or contractual need for NDT, have you audited your supplier to review if their company written practice meet the needs of your company?

All companies differ in the qualification and certification requirements and should not be overlooked. If needed your Level-3 NDT technician or Notified body can offer advice.

British standards online offer guidance documentation and standards to advise uses of the changes to requirements, please see the links below for more Information:

BS EN ISO 9712 Non-destructive testing. Qualification and certification of NDT personnel | BSI (


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