NDT Trainees (Part 1) Financing

NDT Trainees

Employing an NDT trainee may be a good idea but a lot of things need to be considered over the next few blogs we will look at the costs / pro & cons and then decide if it is really worth the time money and hassle.

In general, a minimum experience for even the basic of NDT methods will take at least 6 months, a company will be taking a big risk taking on a member of staff be it as a teenager or mature candidate.

Let’s look at the figures and options for an employer.

  • 6 months wages at the governments current minimum wage guidance for over 23 year olds working a 37 hour week = £10,024,04

This means an employer will not be able to charge for the trainees work for 6 months and will have to pay on top of the wages pensions PAYE etc.

As can be seen from the above for an employer such as ATH NDT this is a massive commitment financially.

In the second instalment of this blog, we take a look at the other costs involved taking on a NDT Trainee courses exams etc

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