NDT Trainees (Part 2) Training & Examinations

NDT Testing

In this blog we look at the training and examination elements required for NDT Trainees and what is available in the industry related cost and what is involved as far as costs and timescales are concerned.

There are multiple NDT training organisations in the UK and charges differ from each organisation we will look at the costs for a Level 2 Penetrant Testing course initially.

  • Course duration = 4 days
  • Course cost = £700
  • Trainee’s wages / accommodation / expenses = (£385.54) (£555) (£250) = £1,190.54 + course cost = £1,890.54


Once the NDT training course has been passed the employer will need to assess which type of examination, they want the NDT trainee to be qualified too.

PCN examinations are where the employer is conducting NDT for general engineering organisations, these approvals can be taken with the employee.

NAS 410 / EN4179 & SNT TC1A examinations are employer based where the individual must take an examination each time they move companies.

Examination Costs

  • PCN = £468
  • EN4179 etc = £200
  • Both of the above will involve a day off work plus travelling cost let’s say £100
  • If the EN4179 etc examination is to be carried on site at the trainee’s company an extra fee will be in the region of £700.

Looking at the above we can calculate the cost for the Training & Examination

Total cost for all the above to gain a PCN Level 2 approval = in the region of £ 2349,54

Total cost for all the above to gain a EN4179 Level 2 approval = in the region of £ 2190,54

The next blog will look at the total costs so far and whether it is viable taking on a NDT apprentice, along with the positives / negatives.

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