Fluorescent Penetrant Systems


All of the fluorescent penetrant lines and systems available at ATH NDT have been designed to be integrated into businesses of a wide variety, increasing production rates throughout many sectors.


We offer one of the largest ranges of fluorescent penetrant lines including FPI penetrant lines, fluorescent electrostatic penetrant systems and PFD penetrant lines, offering to our customers both stock sized penetrant lines and custom built NDT systems, ensuring that we are catering for the maximum amount of possible needs and requirements at all times.


All of our available penetrant lines and systems are also available in both post emulsifiable and water washable penetrant options, all designed and manufactured by our experienced level 3 penetrant testing staff to guarantee the highest qualities. Every single penetrant line that we offer is fully manufactured in the north of England to the highest standard, with our lines now amongst the most popular available in the UK.


Whether you are looking for your very first fluorescent penetrant system, or simply want to add to your existing NDT system, we are certain that our team will be able to assist you. We don’t only offer the best systems, but are also home to some of the greatest industry professionals, able to guide our customers and clients in making the most beneficial decisions.