Water Washable Penetrant Inspection Lines


Liquid penetrant inspection lines and systems, otherwise known as water washable inspection systems, offer what is possibly the fastest and easiest controlled method of NDT, and here at ATH NDT we have a wide range of LPI penetrant lines available for our customers to choose from.


Liquid penetrant lines including LPI electrostatic penetrant lines are designed to find surface breaking discontinuities in a whole host of material types, from metals, to glass and ceramics, and can be helpful to companies within a vast arrange of industries.


Here at ATH NDT we are proud to be one of the UK’s specialist manufacturers of washable and post emulsifiable penetrant lines, offering a complete range of high quality stock penetrant lines, as well as custom designed systems, ensuring that we are catering for absolutely all NDT needs and requirements.


In addition to offering such an amazing collection of LPI lines, ATH NDT is home to a number of NDT level 3’s that have been approved by all major aerospace primes