Post Emulsifiable Inspection Lines


Post emulsifiable penetrant lines, also known as post emulsifiable inspection electrostatic lines, are commonly used during the inspection of high precision aerospace components where defects being sought are critical on smooth surfaced metal components. Just some of the benefits of post emulsifiable penetrant lines include higher sensitivity to smaller defects, the option to show wider and shallower defects and the best controlled removal of penetrant from surfaces.


Here at ATH NDT we take pride in offering one of the UK’s greatest range of high quality post emulsifiable inspection electrostatic lines, with both stock penetrant lines and custom-designed systems available to our customers and clients at competitive rates.


All of the post emulsifiable penetrant lines that we offer are manufactured in the north of England, and have been through vigorous testing procedures to ensure that they work and operate in the most efficient and advantageous ways.


Anyone unsure as to which penetrant line is the best suited for their intended applications, or with any questions in relation to penetrant lines, should call our highly knowledgeable and professional team today for further guidance. We love to ensure that our customers are able to obtain the most appropriate and beneficial penetrant systems to move their businesses forward.